How to Determine Contained Revisions in an Subversion Dump File

The utility svnrdump allows you to dump and load Subversion repositories, including the whole revision history.

A typical use case for svnrdump looks like this:

svnrdump dump <OLD-REPOSITORY-URL>  > my-repository.dump
svnrdump load <NEW-REPOSITORY-URL> < my-reposiotory.dump

To find out which revisions a particular dump file contains, grep comes in handy: The contained revision numbers are stored in plain text and in increasing order in the dump file.

grep -a "Revision-number:" my-repository.dump

returns all stored revisions. To find out the first or last contained revision, simply use head and tail:

grep -a "Revision-number:" my-repository.dump | head -n 1
grep -a "Revision-number:" my-repository.dump | tail -n 1


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