Each and every

The determines each and every are often used synonymously; in fact their semantic meaning is subtle, yet important. Both words refer to the members of a group of things/people. This post summarizes when to apply which determiner best.

Each lays stress on individuality. To emphasize this even more, we may append single:

  • Each participant received $50.
  • Each single participant received $50.

Every is used in the singular, but it is used in a collective sense and generalizes the group’s members. Every is closer to all than each is.

  • Every citizen is free.
  • Every child goes to school.
  • Every soldier must be strong and brave.

Also, every indicates repetitions:

  • Every year, the Christmas holiday starts with huge traffic jams.
  • He visited me in hospital every second day.


For pairs (i.e. groups of two), only each may be used:

  • Each of his toes was sunburnt.


(with some better examples, I guess)

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