Enlarging Grub splash screen and Debian virtual console

This post describes how to adapt the size of the Grub splash screen and the virtual terminal on Debian.

In the following, I will set both to the size of 1280 x 1024 pixels. This may not suit your installation. To be sure, install the tool hwinfo and check the available configurations:

sudo apt-get install hwinfo
sudo hwinfo --framebuffer

Grub splash scren

Open /etc/default/grub (as root) and add/modify the following lines:

# in file /etc/default/grub

Afterwards, update the grub configuration and reboot:

sudo update-grub2
sudo reboot

Now, the Grub splash screen appears larger, but the virtual console of Debian is still quite tiny.

Debian virtual console

For increasing the size of Debian’s virtual terminal, open /etc/default/grub, again and add the following line:

# in file /etc/default/grub

Further Reading

If this solution did not work for you, you may try other suggestions from this stackoverflow thread.

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