Enabling/disabling special offers on startpage in Gambio

The e-shop software Gambio 2 may display so-called special offers (that is price-reduced articles or such) on its startpage. Whether specials are displayed or not is configured with the option GM_SPECIALS_STARTPAGE (ID=1111):

  • If its value is an integer and greater 0, special offers are displayed.
  • Otherwise, special offers are hidden.

To display special offers. open the Gambio database and run the following SQL query:

To hide special offers, run the following SQL query:

Details (optional)

The following information are technical details, which may change as time passes.

The rendering of the “specials box” is done in the following PHP file: includes/modules/specials_main.php .

The embedding in the center of the page happens in the following PHP file: includes/center_modules.php .

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