Shrinking images in batch

I regularly have to reduce the size of digital images. To automatize this, I created a little Bash script, which also considers the orientation (landscape/portrait) of the image:

The actual conversion is done with convert, which is part of the ImageMagick suite (for installation instructions, see here).

The option -strip removes all EXIF metadata during conversion and the prefix jpg: ensures that the correct file format is used for the new file.

Edit (2014-11-17): Fix loop condition to cope with file names that contain whitespaces and also to also match JPEG, jpeg,… Thanks, Paul Pell!


  1. Hi,

    thanks for your posts, I learned nice tricks =)

    You are using a bad ™ for loop: if you have whitespaces in filenames, it won’t work! Say you have “f 1.txt” in a dir, the for loop will execute twice ;)

    You could use: for i in input/*[jJ][pP][gG]; do if [ -f “$i” ]; then DO_STUFF; fi; done

    Or, if you need find (recursion), you can do it using a function:
    function do_stuff { echo “Arg1: “; }
    export -f do_stuff # to be able to refer to it from find
    find baz -exec bash -c ‘do_stuff “‘{}'”‘ ; # we need to use double quotes (“) in the -c argument, exactly to avoid the whitespace problem

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